Procurement Edition

The classic Commerce Match works on your firm’s website and helps shoppers understand which of your products is best. We call it the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) version. But, think about it and you’ll realize that your firm’s Procurement Department is a customer of sorts too.

That’s why we created a variation for procurement use. We refer to it as the Business-to-Business (B2B) version. We took the same great patented engine and added more targeted functionality to streamline procurement and insure that what your firm’s awards go to solutions which best fit internal end-user’s needs. Plus, we added the same type of auto-scoring used in the consumer engine to speed Procurement’s analysis of proposals.
Procurement is a challenging field. Many valuable procurement opportunities are missed because of the often time-consuming, cumbersome nature of the current methods in use today. Firms don’t often apply procurement’s best practices because of overloaded schedules, arcane process issues and complexities.

The most structured part of the typical process is just reliance upon a series of weighted questions, embedded in the RFP, and subsequent reviews of respective vendor’s answers. This is the mainstay of the typical approach to managing the RFP/proposal process. Not only do vendors have trouble structuring answers in a fashion that makes analysis easy, their submissions are often “all over the map. This lack of structure hinders assessment of bids too.

There are more problems:

Incomplete specification of customer’s (end-user) business needs
No prioritization. No understanding of which needs are the most critical
No way to integrate the needs of multiple stakeholders with accuracy
Hard to define the right measures for the business needs
Hard to compare RFPs against a common set of measures
No way to use the power of computing to uptake RFPs and score them
No accurate connection between RFP performance and contractual terms
No feedback mechanism (checklists) for scoring vendors post-award
Too time consuming
Missed opportunities in corporate learning because no database is being compiled with success factors

There’s a better way! We can solve these problems through the use of our newly patented algorithm which converts requirements to measures, scores and reports.

Through our web-based computerized system, we can help insure that the Procurement department at your firm generates more savings and better delivery outcomes from awards, while clarifying to vendors precisely where they need to optimize performance to exceed end-user customer’s needs.

This will make it easier for internal customers to leverage Procurement’s best practices, reducing missed opportunities.

Our basic CommerceMatch system for procurement offers the following process steps:


Streamlines the RFP and award process
Uses performance-based RFPs online with scoring
Taps an expandable requirements taxonomy database which can add value to the customer’s work by helping them define their needs better
Converts vendor commitments more easily into contractual documents, faster, to get customers’ quick results


Makes your awards objective, justifiable and transparent


Leverages an expandable measures taxonomy database – adds value to procurement professional’s service by helping them define the right project success measurables on behalf of customers
Poises procurement team for improved contract management by institutionalizing measurable data
Provides procurement with negotiation leverage by measuring vendors against their committed-to performance standards. This helps with future solicitations and even amendments/modifications to current agreements
Helps “Go Green” with paperless online RFPs
Uses computing power to juxtapose bidders along the same measurable dimensions for easier, simpler comparisons
Helps insure that awards are made across a broad section of diverse and capable firms
Saves money by applying a more efficient, streamlined process