Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We aim for simplicity but there is nothing wrong with a little support.


I'm a Real Estate agent, how do I use the Real Estate Edition with clients?

It’s easy.  Just follow the directions here.

How do I let my agent know about the properties I'm most interested in?

Anytime you click a property image and are viewing property details, you will notice a button in the upper right corner entitled “Save for Later.”  Click it.  Once clicked, it turns green.

This adds the property to a list with the ones for which you have the most interest.  Each property on this Save for Later list gets transmitted to your sales agent.  Then, he or she can review this short list further with you and setup next steps (e.g. showings, Offer to Purchase etc.).

There is also a Save for Later check box below each property. It does the same thing as the Save for Later button, adds the property to your short-list so that your sales agent knows what you may want to pursue further.

What if I finish rating my goals using the dragbars and I'm looking at my review and realize I want to adjust my priorities?

It’s easy.  Just click the My Goals tab and re-adjust your priorities, the press Re-calculate.

You’ll need to wait a short while as the system re-scores the products according to your new priorities of your goals.

How do I use the Value/Performance Graph?

This graph initially shows a point for each product in the review.  If you apply any filters, the graph updates to show all the resulting products.
Each product’s performance score is plotted along the X-axis.  The performance score is a measure of how well the product fits your specific requirements as you entered them.

But, cost is often a factor.  Therefore, each product also has a value score.  That is a calculation of just how much performance can be obtained for a unit investment of money or cost.  On the Y-axis of the graph is plotted the value score.

Most shoppers are looking for those products where are high in performance (on the far right of the graph), and high in value too (in the upper region).  So, the best of both worlds so to speak, are those properties which are in the upper right quadrant of the graph.  However, if you or your shopper clients are not too too price sensitive, the best product may well be that one which is furthest right along the x-axis (Score).

Each point in the graph represents one property or one product. Click any point to get the details for that product/property.

If there are two products at the same place on the x-axis but one is higher than the other, it means it is a better value for the same performance.

I performed a property review but now I want to try a different locale.
Do I have to start all over again and re-rank my goals?

No.  You do not have to start all over again.  You’ll need to have a review open. If you don’t have one open, just logon and click an existing review from the list at the bottom of the logon page.  Once you’re at the screen that shows the scoring results, you can modify the cities (or any other filters you wish to change, including your goal list).  To change the locale, just click the Refine Search tab and modify the locale from the settings there.

Why does the report screen show the message (Loading) so often?

Each time input data changes, the system recalculates the rank order of the recommended products.  Sometimes it’s a simple thing like a price change.  Or, you may have Refined Search and changed more than one filter.  There are cases where the system runs an initial reload for price changes, before a final reload of the full re-rank.  When you see the (Loading) message, simply wait a few moments until the screen refreshes.  That will insure your data is most accurate and has been updated to reflect any changes.


If you are a real estate professional, and have an account on the system with back-office access, you CANNOT invite yourself using your email.  We know you may want to simulate a buyer’s experience to see it firsthand.  Just don’t use the same email you are registered with in the system because your user role of Agency Owner or Member is not capable of receiving email invitations as if you were a shopper.  If you want to experience exactly what a buyer would, please make sure you send yourself an invitation at an email other than the one used for your user account.


Where can I find your promo video of the Real Estate Edition software?

What does the Procurement Edition do?

This is the version of the technology specifically geared towards corporate procurement departments.  It allows procurement staff to learn their end-user needs and correlate them to performance characteristics.  Those performance characteristics get embedded in online RFPs which are auto-scored upon entry by vendor firms.


  • Streamlines the RFP and award process
  • Uses performance-based RFPs online with scoring
  • Taps an expandable requirements taxonomy database which can add value to the customer’s work by helping them define their needs better
  • Converts vendor commitments more easily into contractual documents, faster, to get customers’ quick results


  • Makes your awards objective, justifiable and transparent


  • Leverages an expandable measures taxonomy database – adds value to procurement professional’s service by helping them define the right project success measurables on behalf of customers
  • Poises procurement team for improved contract management by institutionalizing measurable data
  • Provides procurement with negotiation leverage by measuring vendors against their committed-to performance standards.  This helps with future solicitations and even amendments/modifications to current agreements
  • Helps “Go Green” with paperless online RFPs
  • Uses computing power to juxtapose bidders along the same measurable dimensions for easier, simpler comparisons
  • Helps insure that awards are made across a broad section of diverse and capable firms
    Saves money by applying a more efficient, streamlined process

More About The Procurement Version

If you’re a procurement professional, please contact us for more about this exciting version of the software.


How can my brokerage go about obtaining the Real Estate Edition?

Just contact us at either 248-433-3380 or by email at  We’ll be glad to cover the details with you.

You can also use our contact form.


Do we need to install anything to run the Real Estate Edition?

No, it all runs from our servers.  You only need to get us in touch with your MLS service/data provider and we’ll do the rest.

Is the property list used in the Real Estate Edition up to date?

Yes, we refresh the data daily.

What are the Requirements for the various editions?

Real Estate – Property Recommender

Since most Multiple Listing Service (MLS) providers offer the relevant listing data we need, simply provide your current MLS provider and we’ll take it from there.  We’ll integrate your locale-specific property listings.  We’ll provide your brokerage with a public web link (for your customers) and a back-office access.  Agents simply enter a customer’s name and an email address.  The system sends an invitation with the link to the system that customers use to add their goals and find the best properties.  Agents get the list of any properties their customers tag with interest so that next steps can be arranged (i.e. showings, offers etc.).

eCommerce – Product Recommender

This setup requires some configuring for the products your customers will be shopping for online:

  • Product Names (and SKUs)
  • Product Specifications (including features)
  • A Product Description (optional)
  • Product digital photos (optional)
  • Customer Shopping Benefits

Procurement – Proposal Recommender

This setup requires some configuring to add the desired form of your Request for Proposals (RPFs) and the scorable Proposal formats for bidder responses:

  • RFP Content (Terms & Conditions)
  • Proposal Questions
  • Proposal Pricing Schedules
  • Scoring Method
  • Contract Management Factors

For any of the systems above, setup is simplified whenever data can be provided in a database or in a structured file. We can utilize any SQL-based database (e.g. Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, DB2 etc.) or spreadsheet format (e.g. Excel).

Please contact us for more details.


How can I send feature suggestions?

We appreciate your feedback very much.  It is how we get better, and how the technology gets improved.  Thanks in advance.
Please send your feedback via any method below:

  • The popout Feedback tab present on the right edge of all pages of the system.
  • The good old reliable email approach, to:  (support -at-
  • Call us at 248-433-3380.
  • Use the contact form.

Is my information kept private and secure?

Yes.  Your privacy is paramount and always comes first.  Your brokerage/agency account runs in a separate server setup.  No one at your firm, or elsewhere, has access to your specific customer invitees or their reports, only you do.  Your information is never disclosed or shared with anyone or any third-parties…ever!