Using the System With Clients

The info below explains how to use the system with clients.

If you prefer to get a PDF version of the basic Instructions, use this link: Downloadable Instructions (.PDF)

1. Logon to Back Office

Goto Step 2 if this is done already

Check with your brokerage administrator to get your logon account.  If you need assistance, contact IDEACore at 248-433-3380 or via

Once you have your account, logon.

2. Send Invitation

Invites are sent to clients via email

It’s easy to invite your clients.  Just click the Invite new button (see below) then enter your client’s name and email.  The client will get an invitation email with a link to use the system.

You’ll get an email once your client has completed a shopping review.

3. See Client’s Favorite Properties

Just Login again and see what they liked.

Once you clients have completed a shopping review, you will get an email notification.  Just log back in to your back office.
Then, you’ll will find a new row in the list corresponding to your client’s review (the date and time of the review is shown).

Most of the time, you’ll probably just click the printer icon in that row to open a printable report with your client’s Save for Later list. This is a list of homes they clicked on to save.  You can print the report and debrief with clients, setup showings, offers..etc., or whatever you deem are the best next steps in the sales process.

If you would like to visit their actual review online, in interactive mode, just click the link in the column entitled “ACTUAL CLIENT REVIEW – Opens Online.” This will open the review window and show you all their results. You can even review their goals from their session.

NOTE: The filter settings from the client session are not retained.

Sometimes it’s helpful when you have clients in-person, to click that link so that you can revisit their shopping session in real-time and click around to try different filters, and review the outcome of their shopping in more detail.